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this is only the first chapter in this book of the series, i will add more when i can.
two twins girls who couldn't wait to leave home are finally out on their own in the world, not as different or as difficult as staying home, until one day things take a turn for the impossible.......if only they knew that this was just the begining.

paranormal, supernatural, twins, series
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Please continue writing!! You got me HOOKED!!! :D

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I do like the opening. Nice start. I would have been glad to jump into chapter 2. My only request - please - do surprise me. Don't be afraid to go 'off the beaten path'. I like the dialogue and the flow.. good stuff.

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I like the opening. I would like to read more. I am expecting to serious stuff to hit the fan.

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thanks! and i'm working on adding more, i've got more written, i just gotta find time to type it up and get it on here with the rest.

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