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Payback's a bitch!

User: bluberry
Payback's a bitch!
Rejection,that's the worse thing that can happen to a she-wolf and guess what, this is what happen to our main protagonist, Veronica or Roni Fenson.Having enough of that life of shit she ran away to her late mother's sister who happen to be a... oh my vampire!That makes her half vampire and half werewolf(bad combination don't ya think?).Now she gotta come back after one year but then theirs 2 problems with capital P's:1) she look too vampy and2)she'll have to face that excuse of a mate she got again!So now the question is, will she let herself drown in that miserable life she had again?Answer: No effing way in hell!
Now my dear little readers if you guys want to find out more anout what will DUH!

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I did enjoy your book however I think it would pay of if you had some one to edit it for you. It has great potential and wow inst veronica mean XD I mean calling her cousins retards... so harsh. XD Mind you I call my cousins retards to there face so you know. I cant really complain XD. Also it did seem a little rushed... But that relates to what I said earlier. Have some one read through it. Get them to edit it and such XD.... mehr anzeigen

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Your book has potential. What a great way to start off your book with drama packed plots. With a few editing you should be fine.

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