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When You Best Friends Are Idiots.... Oops! I mean One Direction!

When You Best Friends Are Idiots.... Oops! I mean One Direction!
What if you boyfriend for two years cheats on you with the school slut? What if you found One Direction hiding from fan-girls under your bed? Then you just magically became the greatest friends in the world, like those Fan Fiction's every girl reads. Well everything that I said out of that is true........Yes, I found One Direction under my bed. This is my story of how those five idiots became my five idiotic best friends and how a stupid little love formed for one special little bad boy Zayn Jwaad Malik.

By Rain R. aka NerdyBird

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like this book so far it's kinda funny that they are hiding under her bed lol please update soon :)
Anisa xxx

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Thanks love! and I find this book a liitle funnier with how they met. Trust me there will be many more times crazy moments in this book ;)


lol looking forward 2 it :D

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