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Crushes, Cookies, and a whole lot of Bad Boys

Crushes, Cookies, and a whole lot of Bad Boys
Meet Riley Winters, 17 year old nerd. Riley has been bullied all her life, because of her weight. On the last day of Junior year Riley makes a pack to herself, that when she comes back in the Fall.. Rosemary High won't know what hit them.

It's the beginning of Senior year and Riley is a totally different girl, But what happens when she catches the eye of not only one, but three guys? and what if those guys are the schools bad boys and also rivals? Can Riley survive three bad boys that hate each other, because of a dark history between them? This all started cause a good girl turned bad. Read as Riley goes through Crushes, Cookies, and a whole lot of Bad Boys!

bad boys, humor, romance, cookies, crushes, teen
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please finish the book... i'm in that situation at the moment

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seem interesting, can't wait to read more inform xoxo

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