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Cherry Bloom

Stranger Within Me Von:
Cherry Bloom

Where was she?

What strange beings did she encounter?

Could it be death? Who knows?

Cherry Bloom was crafted off the true life’s tale of an estranged young girl whose mother died while giving birth to her but left her a letter and she wasn’t going to receive this later until she turned eighteen; meanwhile she struggles through life but fate led her to make a mystical discovery about herself. This revelation changes everything and leaves more for the reader to query. So what happens next? She begins to pick the pieces of her life. What the future holds for Cherry Bloom remains a mystery.

A simple styled educative short story packed with shocking realities of life. From the author of Attaining Greater Heights in Academics, Nurse Tessy, Nwa Teacher, and more, enjoy the suspense thriller.

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2,99 US$
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