Magnum Opus

      My actual name is Tadeusz Hutyra,

though for the English/American world

I have adopted the name Thaddeus Hutyra. 

        I am the founder of “The Poetry

Universe”, “River of Poetry” and a number

of other poetry groups on Facebook.
      Born in mountainous Rajcza, Poland.

I spent my childhood and teenage years there

studying and I also participated

in the “Solidarity movement” against

the communist regime.

        Emigrating to New Zealand when Poland

was still in the Soviet thaw I became a citizen

within five years, living in the capital city

Wellington, often called “Windy Wellington”.

        Afterwards I travelled worldwide, I have

been to amongst other places China, though

I finally settled down in Belgium.

       The USA had always been my intended final

destination after my departure from Poland.

America, especially New York City with its

Statue of Liberty still remain my dream.

The freedoms cherished by America are

an unstoppable trend that I am fully behind,

wishing the same to all individuals across

the world, freedom, human rights and love.

       In the meantime I am feeling quite

comfortable living in the European Union,

a great project of all Europeans which

came true.
            I express my deep wish readers will enjoy

reading this book. If it will be the case then

I will be able to say ‘Mission Accomplished’,

thank you.


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