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 The Poetry Universe is a forum for poets
and writers on Facebook, created in 2014.
Members include experienced poets and beginning
poets stepping into the poetry community.
Our authors span the globe, and some poems
are translated into English to reach a wider audience.

 My goal, as the forum’s founder, was to create
a group whose spirit consists of total writing
freedom and the widespread wings of the universe
of thought. We are all trying to advance our poetic
skills, visiting the furthest dimensions of Earth
and the universe with our poetic pen, the starship
doing wonders. Freedom and the wings of
the universe, its unfathomable tides, its enchanting
veils, whether of time or love or anything else, are
number one in what is guiding this group.

 The spirit of the Poetry Universe forum is aptly
represented in its member’s entries. Poems are
written across a broad range of subjects as well
as in various styles of prose, and originate from
all around the world.

 One aspect of the forum is our
“challenges”, which have become very popular.
After several challenges specifically designed to
create poetry for young readers, we devised
the idea of publishing books of children’s poems
that would also delight parents.
And thus, “Chimes And Rhymes For Grownups”
was the first book with fairy tales born and now
follows another one with as enchanting fairy tales
and many more drawings that can attract c
hildren’s creativity. Let’s give it a warm applause:
welcome, dear “Abracadabra”!

 Our poetry book is rich both in excellent poems
and enthralling illustrations that children of all
ages will adore. We sincerely hope you enjoy
this book as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

 ~  Thaddeus Hutyra

Dieses eBook ist erhältlich bei:

und in vielen anderen eBook-Shops

5,99 US$
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