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Where do I go from here?

The story of a troubled girl Von:
Where do I go from here?
Sade is uneasy at home, and she cannot keep Damien out of her head. She jumps at the first chance to be with him; nomatter the cost. Where will they go?

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Woodstock, NY

“It is very intentionally working to trigger victim-blaming and stereotypes
and misconceptions about sexual assault,” she said. “You must be interested in
sexual behavior just based on how you’re dressed and drinking.”

I invite you to Google ""drunk collage girls"" or ""drunk collage selfies"".

“If she wanted to do that so bad, put a nail in the coffin, wouldn’t she have
given you a more coherent story?” he asked... mehr anzeigen

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This is a good start, Velvet.

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Nice story. I see you said it is a secobd part, so can not wai to read the fist part.

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Thank you for reading my book! I was so excited to read the email you sent. I should have made it clear that Where do we go from here Is the second part of Implausible Provision. I do need to work on my spelling and I have a little trouble with tenses. If you don’t mind; read my first book then tell me what you think? I greatly appreciate it!!! The reason I ask is because I have seven parts to this story. I wrote it in my... mehr anzeigen

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Where Do I Go From Here By Tessa Brown

We all want people to read our work, and with some polishing you can attract some new readers.

I think you might want to slow down and explain what really happened. Was Sade kidnapped? If so it would be good to let us read about that.

Why is Sade so taken with Damien? It seems unlikely she would fall for a guy who kidnapped her, unless she is so lonely and feels like she doesn’t fit in... mehr anzeigen

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I agree. Ive been away for awhile, and now im back. so im trying to catch up on whats going on by reading other writer's work.

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IP is short for implausible provision. Ths is the second part of the ook, a little shorter than the first; keep a looout for the rest!!!

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