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Losing my mind to an addiction

Be kind to those who have been swept away by the devils works. Only God can save them. I Dedicate this book to all struggling with an addiction. My original work..Do not Copy Von:
User: words75
Losing my mind to an addiction
Anyone can become at sometimes addicted to something. Overeating, Sex, Drugs, etc... It is easy to escape to addiction because it helps take life's hard times and become at peace from ones only harsh realities. This is indeed my fear. Becoming an addict at some point in my life, and losing my mind because of it. If anyone has an addiction PLEASE seek professional help. You might think going "cold turkey" would be the simple answer but in reality that way may just kill you..

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Yes It is short I do agree. At the time I wrtoe this I thought the "Biggest Fear contest had to be exactly 100 words!!!!! So that is excatly what it is 100 words. Soon I found out that it is in fact 1000 words or less. I did submit another book for the contest, and working on an actual stroy instead of a poetry form I use a lot. thanks again for the comment. :)

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