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Growing up in Heaven

A Touching Story Von:
User: words75
Growing up in Heaven
Faith always had visions. She kept this to herself. Only those closest to her new of her gift. Images of a young child become more than just an image. The boy was trying to tell her something. Faith is determined to find out what he is saying. And when she finally figures out what the boy is trying to say, her heart burst with an abundance or pure LOVE!

Heavenly visions
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I appreciate the comments

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Toithomas. Thank you for taking the time to read this book. I do agree with you. It was a quick rough draft. I definately do need to improve ... I knew when I posted it definately wasn't my best (I was typing in a fury yesterday.... and I knew I had left out a lot...) I asked you to read this mostly for exactly your honesty. BookRix too me is just that! Thank you and YES this book will have another draft and improvements

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This is a very moving and spiritual story. To some it will test the limits of their beliefs, but I don’t think it will offend anyone; many may read this and come away with a sense of wonder and inspiration. This is what I call a “What if” kind of story. It’s best to just let your mind be free and open to the possibilities and forget what you believe. Get up caught up in the idea and this story can carry you away.

As lovely as... mehr anzeigen

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