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A Heart Bleeds

"Biggest Fear Contest" Enrty 2 Von:
User: words75
A Heart Bleeds
Sometimes you just have to let out some emotions to help you get through a difficult situation.
This is an example of one of those moments in my life.

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Yes, I agree. Sometimes you do have to do so. But, as I found, in all the years I had felt so low, I was never alone.

A good poem with some cathartic release.


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Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this book. Your words mean a lot and only encourages me to write more. :)

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yes I will edit. you are right. That would be better.. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this book

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I loved your poem. I would however like if you perhaps split your last line into two. It might put more emphasis on "you were so clever". But apart from that, this was great :) I loved the rhythm of the words and it was an interesting fear to embody through poetry. Great job.

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Wow. This is a beautiful poem. So Right on point. Straight forward. I love the way your words flow with such emotion.

Exceptional writing!

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