Having to let my Dad Fly

In Loving Memory of My DAD Von:
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Having to let my Dad Fly
July 19, 2011 My dad died from a terminal illness. He was diagnosed with bone cancer two months and two days before he passed away. I will be submitting this into the Memories group. This is a horrible memory, but by writing this I hope I can help myself heal (a little) or maybe hope someone else get through what I went through. Caution Very emotional

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Tears welled up in my eyes as I read this. Both my parents have passed so I know the pain. I can only say that your dad loved much therefore he was loved much. God Bless you Terri and your whole family.

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Terri, I lost my dad in 2005 and I feel your loss. I hope writing this book gave you a little healing power. I also hope you are getting comfort from your family and friends. You never really get over losing a parent (it's the natural order of life after all) but the pain DOES lessen and you go on to help others through the loss of their loved ones. Thank you for this story.

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This was a very emotional piece to read. I haven't lost my father, but you really captured your emotions of that day very well. I'm a bit impressed with how you were able to portray your feelings and thoughts in a way that anyone could read and sympathize with.

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