The Mystery of Tifton Georgia

This mystery is kller. Von:
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The Mystery of Tifton Georgia
Sasha is sent to stay with her older sister, Stacey, for the summer. Once she gets there everyone she meets is foud dead the very next day. Her curiosity gets the best of her as she tries to solve the mystery of Tifton, Georgia. Will she figure it out or die trying?

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Sasha's Mysteries"
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The Mystery of Tifton Georgia
This mystery is kller.
tifton, georgia, sisters, death, mystery
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Love it so far. I wish there a was a little more detail though. Hope theres an update soon

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Ok I am sorry if you miss read something in this book. David and Tarra are siblings and I am sorry if you thought wrong. Also please excuse the spelling some words may be a letter or two off. But please don't be mean about the critisism!

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I could not read this. Spelling was horrible and you couldn't get the relationships consistent. First Tara was David's daughter, next she was his sister. Sorry. Learn grammar or at least do research to get it right.

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