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Alkaline Diet for Beginners

Understand PH, Eat Well and Reclaim Your Health with Easy Alkaline Diet Recipes. Von:
Alkaline Diet for Beginners

What pattern of eating have you been following?

Is your eating pattern affecting your overall health positively of negatively?

Discover the benefits of eating alkaline foods and set yourself on a path to maximum heath. Get rid of acids in your body and restore your body to its natural state with this Alkaline Diet for Beginners.


The ideology behind the alkaline diet believes a perfect human body is created when you switch acid forming foods with alkaline base foods. It has been proven that Alkaline Diet improves cardiovascular health, blood pressure, cholesterol, bone health, and many more

Starting a new eating pattern might seems of a bit stressful and challenging. But not to worry, this book will give you an easy sailing. This Alkaline Diet for Beginners is loaded with all the necessary information on:

The total Overview of the Alkaline Diet

How to get rid of plaguing ailment with the alkaline diet

Alkaline food recipes to make your body Alkaline

Food that help to reduce acid in your body

How to Fight Stress, pain and inflammation

Helps you understand how pH works in your body

How to test your alkaline balance

How to know you’ve got an Unhealthy Gut

List of Acid, neutral and alkaline foods


Maximize your overall health and beat acidity with the alkaline diet!

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