My Angel, My Devil (unfinished)

Dead Cities Von:
My Angel, My Devil (unfinished)
When I came home that day, everything was supposed to be the same, boring routine. Nothing was supposed to change. I had always wanted something to change, but not like that. I wanted a shift in events; a mere scratch in my daily schedule. But what happened on that day was too significant and majorly life changing to even be compared to the word scratch.
It was the worst day of my life. I could only wish so hard it hurt that it was only something trivial like being embarrassed in front of the whole school. Like tripping and accidentally falling on a little kid and squishing him. But no, that day started everything; it set the gears of my life in motion in the way I’d never imagined.
It was the day my life ended, and then began again.

dead, cities, angel, devil, rage, fantasy, fiction, adventure
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I loved it but I couldn't finish it. I stopped at around page 46. It got a bit ... awkward.

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