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The Streets

"When you're on the streets, you're trespassing on private property." Von:
The Streets

NOTE: This is based on an alternative history when bloods and crips existed and the mafia was still at large.


A documentary titled "The Streets" airs on television about a 1969 dispute in Detroit, Michigan, and how it was resolved. The answer: Violently.


With the Italian Mafia invading Detroit, a blood member named Efrain D'Myers is attacked, and then he later seeks vengeance from Benjamin Tyrone, the Mafia leader. With partial action-storytelling by Tyrone and D'Myers, it may appear to confusing to tell who is the protagonist and antagonist.


Along with the actual action sequences, two people doing commentary on the documentary lead the plot in a violent direction: Damion West (documentarist) and Efrain's brother Brenton D'Myers.

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