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How To Save A Life

'Pray to God he hears you...' Von:
How To Save A Life
“Between the lines of guilt and pain, you begin to wonder why you came...”

“Pray to God he hears you, and I pray to God he hears you...”

“I lost a friend, somewhere along in bitterness...”

We used to be the best of friends. In fact, we were practically joint by the hip.

That was until... she died.

She died...

She died...

And it was my entire fault.

I didn’t know How to Save a Life. And it was killing me inside. The guilt was overwhelming and I slowly slipped into depression.

Now it was I that needed saving...

And my Prince Charming came in the form of Austin Parks...

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Gelöschter User

OMG , i love your book , cant wait for your next update

3 Kommentare

Aww thank you xx. But I have a bit of writers block atm *face palm*

Gelöschter User

Ohh yea I hate when that happens

Gelöschter User

And your welcome;)

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