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The Lights And Shadows Of Real Life Part 2

User: disha
The Lights And Shadows Of Real Life Part 2
[The Following Story, Literally True In Its Leading Particulars, Was
Told By A Reformed Man, Who Knew W--Very Well. In Repeating It, I
Do So In The First Person, In Order To Give It More Effect.]

I Was Enjoying My Glass Of Flip, One Night, At The Little Old "Black
Horse" That Used To Stand A Mile Out Of S.--, (I Hadn'T Joined The
Great Army Of Teetotallers Then,) When A Neighboring Farmer Came In,
Whose Moderation, At Least In Whisky Toddies, Was Not Known Unto All
Men. His Name Was W--. He Was A Quiet Sort Of A Man When Sober,
Lively And Chatty Under The Effect Of A Single Glass, Argumentative
And Offensively Dogmatic After The Second Toddy, And Downright
Insulting And Quarrelsome After Getting Beyond That Number Of
Drinks. We Liked Him And Disliked Him On These Accounts.

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