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The Lights And Shadows Of Real Life Part 1

User: disha
The Lights And Shadows Of Real Life Part 1

There Was Something Wrong About The Affairs Of Old Mr. Bacon. His
Farm, Once The Best Tilled And Most Productive In The Neighbourhood,
Began To Show Evidences Of Neglect And Unfruitfulness; And That He
Was Going Behindhand In The World, Was Too Apparent In The Fact,
That, Within Two Years He Had Sold Twenty Acres Of Good Meadow, And,
Moreover, Was Under The Necessity Of Borrowing Three Hundred Dollars
On A Mortgage Of His Landed Property. And Yet, Mr. Bacon Had Not
Laid Aside His Habits Of Industry. He Was Up, As Of Old, With The
Dawn, And Turned Not His Feet Homeward From The Field Until The Sun
Had Taken His Parting Glance From The Distant Hill-Tops.

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