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Cast Adrift (fiscle part-I)

User: disha
Cast Adrift (fiscle part-I)

_A Baby_ Had Come, But He Was Not Welcome. Could Anything be Sadder?

The Young Mother Lay With Her White Face To The Wall, Still As
Death. A Woman Opened the Chamber Door Noiselessly And Came In, The
Faint Rustle Of Her Garments Disturbing the Quiet Air.

A Quick, Eager Turning of The Head, A Look Half Anxious, Half
Fearful, And Then The Almost Breathless Question,

"Where Is My Baby?"

"Never Mind About The Baby," Was Answered, Almost Coldly; "He'S Well
Enough. I'M More Concerned about You."

"Have You Sent Word To George?"

"George Can'T See You. I'Ve Said That Before."

"Oh, Mother! I Must See My Husband."

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