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A Brief Commentary On The Apocalypse (Fiscle Part-X)

User: disha
A Brief Commentary On The     Apocalypse (Fiscle Part-X)

The Apocalypse Should Be Regarded As A Peculiarly Interesting Portion Of
Scripture: A Blessing Being Promised Those Who Read, Hear, And Keep The
Things Which Are Written Therein. It Has Been Subjected To So Many
Contradictory Interpretations, That Any Attempt To Comprehend Its Meaning
Is Often Regarded With Distrust; And The Impression Has Become Very
Prevalent, That It Is A “Sealed Book,”—That Its Meaning Is So Hidden In
Unintelligible Symbols, That Very Little Can Be Known Respecting It; And
That To Attempt To Unfold Its Meaning, Is To Tread Presumptuously On
Forbidden Ground.

The Attention Of The Christian Community Has Been Called More Of Late To
Its Study, By The Publication Of Several Elaborate Expositions. One In Two
Large Volumes, 8vo., By Prof. Stuart, Was Published At Andover, Mass., In
1845. A Large 8vo. Volume, By David N. Lord, Was Issued From The Press Of
The Harpers, In New York, In 1847; And A Smaller Work, By Rev. Thomas
Wickes, Appeared In That City In 1851. These Are The More Important Works
On The Subject Which Have Been Published In This Country. In England, The
“Horæ Apocalypticæ,” By The Rev. E. B. Elliott, A.M., Late Vicar Of
Tuxford, And Fellow Of Trinity College, Cambridge, Has Passed Through
Several Editions,—The Fourth Of Which, In Four Large Vols. 8vo., Was
Published In London, In 1851. These Works, With The Writings Of Habershon,
Cunningham, Croly, Bickersteth, Birks, Brooks, Keith, And Other
Distinguished English Writers, Have Caused The Study Of The Apocalypse To
Be Regarded With More Favor Of Late Than Heretofore.

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