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Inside My Head
This is a book full of poems. These poems are affiliated with my life. Each poem has a synopsis to explain my thought process. This book is called In My Head because I written these when things/ issues were on my mind at that moment. Some of my poems you can relate to, and they are all personal to me. I have three Poems that are the most personal to me. Again every single poem I have written from my own experiences and my own feelings.

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I love your book "In My Head"... Great Insights and I added it to my favorites.

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Thanks you. I appreciate it.

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Your insights are amazing.

I used to have times of deep depression. I would roll myself up into the tightest ball I possibly could and not talk or react to anybody, even though everyone tried to get me to come out of my ball.

I write this because I just loved the last sentence of your second poem synopsis.
That is where I met God. He was the only one who would Just sit there with me and wait until I was ready to talk.

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Hi Sydia, you have conveyed so much, in such a few words.

It is unforgivable that an individual or a group of people can impose their beliefs on others & crush their self-belief. It is my belief, that everyone who walks this earth, regardless of class, disability, religion or culture has rights as long as they don't impinge on another person's rights.

If your book reaches into the heart of just one person & they can take... mehr anzeigen

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Thanks i appreciate the feedback. My goal is to reach out to the youth who think they don't have a voice, because i know how it feels. A lot of people in this world discriminate and it is unfair. I want them to know that you have a voice and we can change it by coming together.

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Istabraq Rafea

i really loved your book for its nice, simple, direct expressions, and its strong, confident and defiant tone. i totally agree with you that we are all equal before Allah, who is just and who does not look at your face but looks at your heart because there are many black-faced people who have hearts as white as ice and many white-faced people who have hearts as black as coal.

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I love the feedback there are more to come in the near future

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