Cyborg - Emulating Life

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Cyborg - Emulating Life

You jump in at the time when people on earth are traveling regularly to Moon and Mars and humankind starts to explore space. Well, this planet is not comparable to the Earth we know... as meteors and a first space war had scared the people and the planet. The biggest space station in the Earth orbit has just been re-opening its ports for traders and travelers of all kinds and its proprietor gets out of the blue an unexpected delivery - a cyborg in a cryo-box. Cyborgs at these days are feared, hated as well as disired for their abilities, but they have no rights no matter how much human is left. They belong to their owner and are rigidly controlled and bond to their masters, especially trained up people called Guides. Well, this cyborg is a 'bit different' than expected and is about to alter the lives of his master, his owner and the others around him...
It's a chance, it's a new live, but will it work out?

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