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The Extinction of Life

Global Warming Von:
The Extinction of Life
A short story warning of the dangers we all face if we don't open our eyes.

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gosh, i just know that most likely will happen if man doesnt wisen up! the government officials should seriously listen to YOU!in this one story..scientist werent the annoying nagging little things but they were right! lol no offense to scientist

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You don't really believe in this global warming propaganda? - Do you?

2 Kommentare
susanbowes (aka: Forcechild)

I most cetainly do. If you don't you must be blind. Sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but you have to be. Haven't you seen how much the glaciers have receded? Some are almost completely gone. And look how much the weather pattern has changed. Hurricanes are much more severe and... mehr anzeigen

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Darth Sus4n,

You have crafted a fine specimen of sound programming, that accurately depicts what happened to the planet. Robots can withstand some of the natural disasters you described, but humans, with their proteinaceous casings called "skin", cannot. robottina hopes they heed your warning.

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susanbowes (aka: Forcechild)

Thanks robottina - I knew you would compute my story and appreciate man's weakness. :-)

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susanbowes (aka: Forcechild)

I hope all we read this short story and take it to heart. We are all that stands between a continued existence on this small, blue orb - or the destruction of all we know. We MUST gather together to save, not only our planet, but all life forms that dwell upon it.

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