In 2010, GOD allowed me to hear HIS voice and HE began to use me to put out HIS messages. This is a collection of short letters I received for others during the year 2018. GOD bless and may HIS Words comfort and prepare you for HIS Coming... Susan Davis



Prepare the Way for The LORD. This is a collection of divine letters from our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST. These are letters of warning for all the children of GOD. To prepare for the kingdom of GOD is at hand, HE wants us to understand HIS requirements to be under HIS good grace. To have a garment that is free from stains, spots, and wrinkles.


These letters also give the reader insight into the personality and mind of GOD. It reveals the true intentions of GOD for HIS children: which is to give them life. For HIS word is the way, the truth, and the life. To seek HIM in intimacy and to know HIM for real not just knowing about HIM, but to know HIM truely. This collection of letters will help you distinguish those things that are an abomination in GOD'S eyes.


This collection of letters will enlighten you to see the seriousness of the hour you live in and convict to take an inventory of your life. You must take your end destination seriously, because your enternity is in the balance. These letters give you the spiritual meat you so need. The letters give you a clear understanding of the times your living in, and once you make that descision GOD will give you a spirit of clear thinking so that you may live out your life in HIS perfect will for it, there is no other way, there are no other answers, this is what HE requires and those who think differently will be left behind: to face the worst, to face his enemy, to face the antichrist, and to face HIS wrath.



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