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The Enemy
This is a short scifi story about two warring worlds.

Scifi, warring worlds, future
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Wow. This was cool. Seriously. I did have a few revision and editing ideas, which i would be more than happy to share with you sometime, but overall, I'm excited.

2 Kommentare
susanbowes (aka: Forcechild)

Any ideas and suggestions are gladly welcomed.

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Gelöschter User

Well this was a very nihilistic tale! Frederich Neitzche would have admired this as a brilliant example of his own philosophy in creative form.

1 Kommentar
susanbowes (aka: Forcechild)

Thanks :-) ;-) :D :-D xD

Wichtiger Beitrag
susanbowes (aka: Forcechild)

I think I finally got it! (how to post my stories with page breaks) The only thing I still can't do is center the chapters and such. Any hints on how I can correct that problem? Anyway, hope you enjoy this story.

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