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A History Of Indian Philosophy Volume 1 (Fiscle Part 13) Of 2

User: silviya
A History Of Indian Philosophy Volume 1 (Fiscle Part 13) Of 2

The Buddhists Had Upset All Common Sense Convictions Of
Substance And Attribute, Cause And Effect, And Permanence Of
Things, On The Ground That All Collocations Are Momentary;
Each Group Of Collocations Exhausts Itself In Giving Rise To
Another Group And That To Another And So On. But If A Collocation
Representing Milk Generates The Collocation Of Curd
It Is Said To Be Due To A Joint Action Of The Elements Forming
The Cause-Collocation And The _Modus Operandi_ Is Unintelligible;
The Elements Composing The Cause-Collocation Cannot Separately
Generate The Elements Composing The Effect-Collocation, For On
Such A Supposition It Becomes Hard To Maintain The Doctrine
Of Momentariness As The Individual And Separate Exercise Of Influence
On The Part Of The Cause-Elements And Their Coordination
And Manifestation As Effect Cannot But Take More Than One Moment.

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