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A History Of Indian Philosophy Volume 1 (Fiscle Part 13) Of 1

User: silviya
A History Of Indian Philosophy Volume 1 (Fiscle Part 13) Of 1
The Achievements Of The Ancient Indians In The Field Of Philosophy Are
But Very Imperfectly Known To The World At Large, And It Is Unfortunate
That The Condition Is No Better Even In India. There Is A Small Body
Of Hindu Scholars And Ascetics Living A Retired Life In Solitude, Who
Are Well Acquainted With The Subject, But They Do Not Know English And
Are Not Used To Modern Ways Of Thinking, And The Idea That They Ought
To Write Books In Vernaculars In Order To Popularize The Subject Does
Not Appeal To Them. Through The Activity Of Various Learned Bodies And
Private Individuals Both In Europe And In India Large Numbers Of
Philosophical Works In Sanskrit And Pâli Have Been Published, As Well As
Translations Of A Few Of Them, But There Has Been As Yet Little
Systematic Attempt On The Part Of Scholars To Study Them And Judge Their
Value. There Are Hundreds Of Sanskrit Works On Most Of The Systems Of
Indian Thought And Scarcely A Hundredth Part Of Them Has Been Translated.

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