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my brother in law

my brother in law
never leave urself alone with ur brother in law...

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This was a total piece of shit

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L. Avery Brown

Vulgar and poorly written.

This is nothing but a feeble attempt to write out a pornographic rape scene.

Erotica is NOT pornographic prose.

Erotica is, at its core, an intense story of romance.

And yes, while there are often harsh, even violent scenes within erotics stories - there is more to the story than just 'rape'.

Events such as that move a story forward they are intended to make the reader feel angry and wanting... mehr anzeigen

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I agree

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forcible sex is not pleasurable it is about the power you have over the victim. I felt that the female in that book was helpless and not turned on at all, but the male was because he took away her choice. If your into that sort of thing then that's all you, because it is something you like to do. I suggest that you and your significant other try it before you write another chapter and then you'll know what your writing about.

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Baby if you think forced sex is erotic, then you need help, that was just nasty.
I hate to think about the world you live in.

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