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Creation The Final Destruction

Humanities Homeland abuse Von:
Creation The Final Destruction
If we looked about at our own abuse of our country things we do ourselves naybe just maybe we could wake up and turn this world around. For we are all guilty in some form in the way our country is failing today.

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Yes most of my works is written just that way for it is spontaneous and its just me and the way I think .I will go back and read again and see what I need to brush it up a little. And I will continue to write for sure .Thanks honey

Wichtiger Beitrag

I was happy that you able to work with the system of bookrix. The next book will be easier to upload etc. Your latest book shows that you have a very interesting imagination. The book kept my interest. Sentences need to be re-worked along with some spelling. A read through will take care of where you should edit. This book was written as though it was intended to be spoken instead of read. I am sure you can fix that. I will... mehr anzeigen

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