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Starting Over

User: StevieLee
Starting Over
Sandra has always lived under the hand of her controlling husband, but one night he does something intolerable. Will Sandra have the nerve to finally pick up and leave?

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T︀h︀a︀t︀'︀s ︀h︀e︀r︀? WWW.DATE4FUQ.COM?_ebook-stevie-goodman-starting-over

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A nice story. I imagine a lot of us would like to just start over, but the place to start is with our Lord Jesus. We can try all the earthly things we want, but if we do so out of our passions, out of the way the world works, then we our repeating an endless cycle of joy and misery that is always fleeing.

But I do understand your point of view. None of us can always make the right decisions in our lives on our own which leads... mehr anzeigen

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T︀h︀a︀t︀'︀s ︀h︀e︀r︀? WWW.DATE4FUQ.COM?estel.g_1359506230.3817429543

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Nice! I do have to agree with angamonkey and say it needs a tad bit of touching up, but other than that great story. I only wish it was longer. If you ever decide to add more let me know. ;) I'd like to read it.

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Overall, this was a very interesting story. I really enjoyed how Sandra decided to make a physical and emotional reconstruction in order to pursue her "new start".
But there might be a few things that you should look at. You are missing punctuation many times, especially when there is dialogue.
You should also think about the order of your sentences, they made the plot a bit difficult to follow in the beginning.
Apart from... mehr anzeigen

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