100 Ways to Relax and Have More Fun

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100 Ways to Relax and Have More Fun

The point of this book is to help people with simple and easy ways to relax and have more fun in life. Too often we are stressed out, worried, taking ourselves too seriously and just not enjoying life as much as we should be! We need to relax and have more fun. The way this book is written is that you can read any chapter in any order or you can read the book the whole way through if you want. I have included some resources, quotations, inspirations and general all around good ideas for how to relax and have some fun. I have put a focus on not spending much money and the way to have fun to be simple and easy so that anyone can do it. Thanks for taking the time to read my book and enjoy!



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Steve Schaming is a great guy and this book is super relaxing and fun!

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I couldn't agree more because I am Steve Schaming


I am also Steve Schaming just shortly in the future

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