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Love, Pain and Pleasure (BWWM)

Love, Pain and Pleasure (BWWM)

Tasha looked at him with so much pain in her eyes

"How could he say such hurtful things to her?" 

"Didn't he say he loved her? Didn't he tell her he cared about her?"

"Mark, why are you treating me like this... like you can't stand me...What did I do wrong?"  Tasha asked as she threw the dish towel in the washer.

"I've grown tired of you TASHA I NEED SOME DAM SPACE CAN YOU GIVE ME THAT!!!" Mark had dragged his hands down to his face as he punched multiple holes in the wall. 

"Mark whatever I did I can fix it please just let me try once more baby Just please stay the night," she begged.

It was hard at this time for him to tell her the real reason why he didn't want to be with her.

It wasn't because he wasn't interested...Yet he still loved her dearly. 

She was everything in man could hope for just not him. 

He was just interested in other females. Ones that pleased his physical needs and nothing more. 

"Look I need to go. I can't deal with this anymore."

Mark had gotten up from the table grabbed his keys and slammed the door behind him

Tasha slid down the wall from which she stood as she fell into a fetal position. She had been crying because she didn't know what she did to make him flip like a light switch.

She got up to clean herself from the tears, as she took her phone out. She was going to call the one person that she could really trust and a person could understand her as she heard them answer on the first ring.

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Tasha looked at him with so much pain in her eyes "How could he say... mehr anzeigen
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