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Conversations with my Mother

Memories writing contest Von:
Conversations with my Mother
This is my entry for the memories writing contest in which I explore converstaions I had with my Mother prior to her death. She was the most important person in my live and her wisdom still lives on.

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are really heartwarming. one feels how much you miss her.

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A story where the characters brim with personality. You have done a nice job with the dialog, presented emotions well, and I love your style of prose. A very heart felt memory. Good job. Robynn

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Welcome, Stephanie.

I agree with Val, and I also agree with Paige.

Your memoir has depth, almost akin to Jeannette Walls' classic, "The Glass Castle". You do the 1st person narrative exceedingly well, using clear and painterly phrases over and over, eg., pg. 12. "The wind sings as it flies past the windows." Very nice. Sings is a spectacular verb to have used in this sentence, taking the sentence past the ordinary.

Now:) As far... mehr anzeigen

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I enjoyed your story and agreed, it is very good. I am in agreement with Paige to have a little editing done. That is the hardest thing for me, but I just read somewhere that when you are finished with you story you edit then edit, and edit again. Serena

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What a splendid job you have done in recreating the memories of your mother. Recollections of days gone by with our parents are not always told as well as these. You brought your mother to life - and the pictures you painted of yourself as a young teenage girl were quite brilliant. We could feel the special bond between the two of you which seemed to grow as you became older.

I am always thrilled and excited to read new... mehr anzeigen

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