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The Death of a Corn Farmer

Muddy Fork short story Von:
The Death of  a Corn Farmer
Sixteen year old Jake is about to lose his father to tuberculosis. How will he manage the farm at such a young age? A simple tale of love and compassion.

A Muddy Fork story

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Good story. I enjoyed it.

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L. Avery Brown

:o) If you get a chance could you add me as an editor? (It'll look good on my credentials!) Thanks oodles.

I really liked getting to know Jake. It's a story that reminded me of the sorts of stories my father used to tell me about his life growing up in the mountains of NC in the 1920s.

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Backwood writer

go read the review someone wrote on death of a corn Farmer, the June 14 read , you made this story come alive , what a Review , thanks again Avery

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I loved the simplicity of the telling; truth is simple and pure, and as the underpinning of the story, worked with the way it's told. Despite the sadness, it's full of light, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Thank you!

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