Wish & Dreamcatcher

Wish & Dreamcatcher
Poems on two Native American legends.

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That's beutiful!
Actually I am a German user, but part of my family is english^^. I am a dreamy person, so I loved that!

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Thanks. I also have a dreamcatcher above my bed, although it does not take away the bad dreams either. But these are poems about the legends, not my life experiences, of course. :) I also remember seeing not one but two butterflies not too long ago. I think one was blue and the other brown, if I remember right. Thank you for the star too.

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'This divine messenger of the soul' I love that. LOVE! This was such a breathtakingly sweet poem! Hugs!

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Beautiful words with a secret message to carry and what better to use than a butterfly. Serena

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Again...so beautifully written. You sure have a great way with words. And those words you weave so intricately.

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