Remembrance Poems

Remembrance Poems
Two Poems to remember our beloved pets by. For anyone who has ever lost a pet.

pets, animals, mourning, grief, loss, at peace
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This is very good, it makes me miss my dog, even though he is only at doggy daycare. Keep up the good work!

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Your poems are very touching. They are a wonderful tribute from you to someone no longer physically here. I get very attached to pets and when they leave this earth they take a piece of my heart with them I recently lost a friend, a pet not mine.She lived on the farm next to my sister.I just wrote a poem for her(Hilary) and posted it the other day.Serena

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Spirit, there is a quality to these two poems that is so touching, as though you reached across a barrier into that other world. I loved these. I think your comparison of the rain to tears was beautiful. Thanks for posting this book.

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