Fire Breather
A couple poems on dragons.

"Won't you step into my lair?"

1st poem featured rated T or PG-13.

dragon, dragons, fire breather
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Thank you. I tried my best to capture the essence of dragons in popular folklore and stories. They can be fierce but as I have heard, also have a noble spirit as well. But then, stories of them vary depending on what kind one is talking about.

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Not quite understanding all your comments, sorry. The first "poem" is more like a poetic story or poem/story, whatever one prefers to call it. It is sorta a hybrid of the two. I agree that the second one is better, however I thought the first one to be different than my usual so I decided to include it. The first one however, I decided to rate it PG-13 for obvious reasons as it is not exactly what I would consider positive.... mehr anzeigen

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I like the second poem very well as an intoroduction to the story.
In fact you could go on as a narrative told by a minsteral as it had been told to him by one who became 'dragon master' at a young age by befriending an unlucky dragon, but I would drop the verse and just tell the story.

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