this is a story of when i whent to spend christmas with my mom and sisters. it was a really fun and funny adventure. no one got hurt... not really bad.

fun, driving
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Review - Even though you say you are leaving BookRix, I would encourage you to continue to write. In this brief little essay I can hear your writer's 'voice'. You do a good job of telling a story, not getting into anything but the facts and emotions.

I could relate to your question of why do we get so happy at Christmas, and that it is based on commercialism. But you also answered your question in the end with the only real... mehr anzeigen

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B ︀е ︀s ︀t ︀❤️ ︀P ︀о ︀r ︀n ︀★ ︀S ︀t ︀а ︀r ︀s, ︀open ︀link ︀↪ WWW.DATE4FUQ.COM?souljaboylover689_1327585524.2419929504

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Wow, you certainly took me on a wild ride with that story. Of course, as a mother myself, I would be horrified if my twelve year old daughter was driving a car in a busy parking lot where people could get hurt.

I don't want to lecture you, but you have to be responsible and make sure you don't put other people's lives in danger. The best place to learn to drive is in an open space where there are no other cars.

Still, you got... mehr anzeigen

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