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[Sequel to Arranged Marriage to My Mate]

Wisked away from her life in New York, Cassandra Knight is brought back to where it all began, her home in Colorado. With newfound powers to finally master, and danger always lurking around the corner, it's surprising how she can still stay calm. But even strong willed Cassie can't tame herself against a battle she isn't too keen on facing. After 21 long years, fate has finally allowed the two halves of a whole to meet. However, not everything is perfect in Cassie's world. With the threat of supernatural forces weighing down on her, and a difficult mate, her life is flipped upside down.
How can she possibly concentrate on mastering her powers if a stubborn mate is preventing her to focus? Nobody likes a tease, especially not Cassie, after all she's heard about her parents' love life. Will Cassie be willing to go down that road for love? After all, there are matters much more important than mind games, and Cassie is here to win at any cost.

mate, love, powers, rejection, girl, boy
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Cherry Sweet

Such a sweet love story!! Felt like it is true but can u please finish it??? I'm really looking forward !!??

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1 Kommentar
Gelöschter User

And ya lemme know when you update it!

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I await with baited breath to read the rest of your storyline...thank you!!!

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Hi I'm new here but have read all your book and I will like to know when Transparent will be completed. Because it's kinda motivate me alot

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