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The Ultimate Advice Guide

The Ultimate Advice Guide
Need advice? Well you've come to the right place. If you're looking for relationship advice, or just how to write the perfect Bookrix book, I'm here to help! This book will have a chapter on each problem or piece of advice given. So if you're really confused about something, just message me, comment on this book, or post on my profile, and I will gladly help you!
Now let loose, and kill that curiosity of yours! You don't deserve to pull all your hair out because of one silly problem! Just ask me, and I'll give you some advice on how to handle whatever you're dealing with. And remember, I don't judge, so don't be afraid to tell me whatever problem you have (:
Now open this book up, and ask! The solution to your problem is just a keystroke away.

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I need advice. There's this guy I really like and he's a really good friend but I dont think that he feels the same way I mean he and I felt with each other but there's another girl he like he talks about her a all the time but he want tell me her name

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I ment to say flirt with each other

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