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Letters to a Nobody

A Romance for A Nobody Von:
Letters to a Nobody
What happens when a player hell bent on revenge and a shy advice writer meet head to head? Well, the last thing you may have expected was them to fall in love.
18 year old, Samantha Marcs just wanted one thing in life-to go through it unnoticed. Though quiet, she's very observant, and soon begins to write letters to some who may need advice. She calls herself S. Soon, letters begin showing up at her secret compartment in the back of the school's library. Her life is changed forever. Now with a new identity, she can help others and show her inner side, giving advice to those in need. But what happens when Mr. Popular, Carter Woods ends up with a broken relationship, and all because of, yours truly, S. Now Carter wants revenge, by unmasking the secret behind S. Suddenly he's thrown into another world when he realizes it's Samantha. Will he let her identity out and ruin her peace of mind, or will he keep it a secret? Either way, Samantha's screwed, because she might be falling for her number one enemy. Now who's gonna write her an advice letter on that?

romance, love, hate, girl, guy, teens, letters, shy, nerd
Beiträge und Kommentare
Wichtiger Beitrag
Fhem Butterfly

Seriously? After my experience in MY REJECTED HEART which had made me cry, this one makes me laugh and giggle haha. I love the way you write, I am indeed WATCHING a movie by reading your book hehe. Your book is alive.

Wichtiger Beitrag

I loved it.
I could not stop reading it.
Such an amazing book.
One of the best ones I've read in a while.

Wichtiger Beitrag

I love this book so much and it made me cry cause i relate to Sammy in many way.

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