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Arranged Marriage to My Mate

Previously called: MATES Von:
Arranged Marriage to My Mate
[Completed but EDITING!]
This book is under major editing right now and should be done soon! I will be fixing MANY of the problems it has, including elaborating on certain things, fixing grammar, and building up more romance and mystery within the story. So if you're willing to read it now, go ahead, but the updated version will be up as soon as I finish it! Keep a lookout for it!

Taylor Daniels. Average name, average face, average girl. What about her life? Well, that's a bit complicated. Finding out her werewolf heritage was not part of the seemingly normal life Taylor lived. She'd always been the strong but silent type, concentrating on getting good grades and pleasing her mother. But all that changes when she's merely picked up and dropped into the world of werewolves. She'll have to dust herself off and learn to live with the fact that her life was a lie. What's even more deranged is that her life is at risk. And who can possibly help her? Her so called "mate" Leo Knight. A forced marriage between the two is the only thing keeping her safe, but what happens when this little compromise turns into a whirlwind of attraction, hate, jealousy, and possible love? Can Taylor hold on to her only hope of sanity, or be whisked away in the world of werewolves, where her family, herself included, are a bunch of overgrown dogs? Taylor may seem shy on the outside, but dealing with a sarcastic, rude, arrogant mate has her standing up for herself and ultimately, facing her crazy consequences. Despite her situation, the confusing part is the possible attraction she has to Leo. And to think, it all started with two simple words..."I Do."
*The book is mostly pg-13 but its got mild language and scenes.
I'll try and update the book soon. If you want to know about the updates, add me as a friend and i'll message you the updates. This is my first book so i'd like to know what you think of it. Thanks guys!(:
Enjoy the book!


Fantasy, Werewolves, Love, Marriage
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Luv this book. it's really interesting but I don't understand that when Taylor found her mate kissing a blonde why didn't she confront him? Why did she forgive him so easily and they never talked about it like it never happened.

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Gelöschter User

I like your book it has good detail

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Good story, I like the book, and there is another best book to read is The Perfect Author, you can read it on Really mind blowing, worth to read.

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Loved d book its something dat every girl dreams off... A perfect life with a perfect guy who completes her i...... Dis book is a cmplte discription of a true love that i dream of everydau..

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