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Beginners Guide Digital Marketing Part 2

Mobile Marketing Von:
Beginners Guide  Digital Marketing Part 2

The second issue of the Marketing Guide Series will introduce you to the great possibility of Mobile Marketing to reach more customers on a budget. Find out how to target clients and drive them to your homepage, your App, your event, or even your local shop using only a standard mobile device. If you are a beginner this guide will help you with your first steps. You will learn about:
- The market potential that you have when beginning and how to master it
- How to begin marketing yourself
- Finding your perfect mobile marketing niche
- How to create the perfect mobile related product that everyone wants
- Things you should do and never do
- Learning how mobile marketing isn’t just about texting and how to develop it
- Building a list
- How to maintain a full and on-going presence

The fact that about 6 billion people around the globe have access to a mobile phone and 97% of them are reading the texts right away makes mobile marketing so interesting. Imagine at how many people you can target and this on a very small budget. Some strategies are even free of charge!

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