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The Fair Maid Of Perth (Fiscle Part 3) Part 1 (Of 2)

User: silviya
The Fair Maid Of Perth (Fiscle Part 3) Part 1 (Of 2)

Among All The Provinces In Scotland, If An Intelligent Stranger
Were Asked To Describe The Most Varied And The Most Beautiful, It
Is Probable He Would Name The County Of Perth. A Native Also Of Any
Other District Of Caledonia, Though His Partialities Might Lead Him
To Prefer His Native County In The First Instance, Would Certainly
Class That Of Perth In The Second, And Thus Give Its Inhabitants
A Fair Right To Plead That, Prejudice Apart, Perthshire Forms The
Fairest Portion Of The Northern Kingdom. It Is Long Since Lady Mary
Wortley Montagu, With That Excellent Taste Which Characterises Her
Writings, Expressed Her Opinion That The Most Interesting District
Of Every Country, And That Which Exhibits The Varied Beauties Of
Natural Scenery In Greatest Perfection, Is That Where The Mountains Sink
Down Upon The Champaign, Or More Level Land. The Most Picturesque,
If Not The Highest, Hills Are Also To Be Found In The County Of
Perth. The Rivers Find Their Way Out Of The Mountainous Region By
The Wildest Leaps, And Through The Most Romantic Passes Connecting
The Highlands With The Lowlands. Above, The Vegetation Of A Happier
Climate And Soil Is Mingled With The Magnificent Characteristics
Of Mountain Scenery, And Woods, Groves, And Thickets In Profusion
Clothe The Base Of The Hills, Ascend Up The Ravines, And Mingle With
The Precipices. It Is In Such Favoured Regions That The Traveller
Finds What The Poet Gray, Or Some One Else, Has Termed Beauty Lying
In The Lap Of Terror.

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