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Mrs. Warren'S Daughter (fiscal part I) A Story Of The Woman'S Movement

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Mrs. Warren'S Daughter (fiscal part I)        A Story Of The Woman'S Movement
The Date When This Story Begins Is A Saturday Afternoon In June,
1900, About 3 P.M. The Scene Is The Western Room Of A Suite Of
Offices On The Fifth Floor Of A House In chancery Lane, The Offices
Of _Fraser And Warren_, Consultant Actuaries And Accountants. There
Is A Long Window Facing West, The Central Part Of Which Is Open,
Affording A Passage Out On To A Parapet. Through This Window, And
Still Better From The Parapet Outside, May Be Seen The Picturesque
Spires And Turrets Of The Law Courts, A Glimpse Here And There Of
The Mellow, Red-Brick, White-Windowed Houses Of New Square, The
Tree-Tops Of Lincoln'S Inn Fields, And The Hint Beyond A Steepled
And Chimneyed Horizon Of The Wooded Heights Of Highgate. All This
Outlook Is Flooded With The Brilliant Sunshine Of June, Scarcely
Dimmed By The City Smoke And Fumes.

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