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A Planets Last Hope

(Latest until August) Von:
A Planets Last Hope
This book is now available for outside contribution since I have thought of better back-stories, plots etc etc. As long as you give me credit for the original i don't mind and please leave a link in the comments so i may see how it could have turned out

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "A Planets Last Hope Collection"
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A Planets Last Hope
(Latest until August)
Fiction, Simon Bailey, Magic, Love
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Hi :). You asked me to look at your book (On my other account) And Now I have :). I will read it when I'm at home. It sounds very interesting so far :)

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ps. Would you like me to share this book so you get more views?

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+Spell checked Chapters P-9.
+Plans for when finished it will be translated into Spanish.
+Requesting ideas for monsters in my book (Preferably monsters similar to the ones in the Harvest moon collection)
-I'm unsure how many chapters this book will be.

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Unfortunately due to up coming exams this maybe the last day I can continue with this book until my exams finish in August. I would appreciate the support of comments and favourites of this book. It would really help getting me back into writing it again.

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Thank you for the comment for now I won't be checking for mistakes until it is finished. So please keep checking regulary because I am still adding to it even now. And it's great to hear that my imagination isn't letting me down just yet XD

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I would say, yes, it's definitely worth continuing. You introduce the main characters in a way that makes them interesting and place them in a fabulous, mysterious story line. I like that. Not too much description, just enough to set each scene.

I'm assuming this is a rough draft because of the large number of spelling and grammar mistakes. None of them are difficult to fix, and really, that's all that you need to do - correct... mehr anzeigen

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