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The Woman, The Dog, And The Basement

Short Stories Of Druid Mannor Von:
The Woman, The Dog, And The Basement
A ghost with a gun, a dog with the munchies, and a room where all the secrets are hidden. Will you live to tell your friends of the horror that awaits you?

death, dogs, horror, scary, basement, taco bell.
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Washington, DC

You said the things Americans don't want to hear. They love to whine about the
jobs that have left and never mention like Trump they want things cheap. The
unskilled want to make big wages, and buy cheap goods. Americans should look
in the mirror they are the problem and stop whinning and blaming everyone
else. Oh, Trump and his fellow travelers will get a few months of sheer joy
just like the stock market.... mehr anzeigen

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These need a lot of work. I have sent you my editing suggestions by private message. The final drabble is confusing because you hear a bang from "upstairs" - and when the girl goes "downstairs" she finds her father's dead body. So what was the bang from upstairs?

Hope you find my edits helpful. You also went over the 100 word limit, which I have also assisted you with.

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