Stop Crying

Stop Crying
This poem sprung fron me tears in a rage of hormonal depresion, but don't judge it by that. I suppose the pressure of life get to everyone but still... we all need to think of others in the process of moping around.

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Haha I agree with Gwen on the blurb thing.

I liked it, but you might want to make the font a little bigger, because it's really hard to read when it's so small.

I was a little confused at some parts, though. In some stanzas, it seemed like the narrator was feeling sympathetic, but then in the next one it's like "Get off your butt and stop complaining." But other than that, I liked it a lot. It has a powerful message behind... mehr anzeigen

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I like the fact that your blurb says you were hormonal when you wrote it. Hahaha. But the poem itself was really good.
-me ;)

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