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Territory: Zombie

Things out of paranormal movies start to happen Von:
Territory: Zombie
Story starts off with a boy name Honey (yes. I know. cute..)
who lives with his fat ass of a brother and a drunk mother who see the bright side (she doesn't)

Territory, Zombie, Humor, Horror
Beiträge und Kommentare
Wichtiger Beitrag

oh thank you, I am girl with a whole lot of sarcasm and everyone likes that side of me, I will right another book as soon as sarcasm moments come to mind right now Honey is getting attacked by a homeless man on the sidewalk in front of his house while shitting squirrels and screaming like a girl.....just a peek, ttyl

Wichtiger Beitrag

I like the storie plot. You are very funny with your slick comments to the side. I get who honey is, he is a angrey yet depressed young man but use his humer and sarcazim to life his spirit.LLLOOVVEE IITT!!!
continue it and u should emial me back when you write more cant wait;)

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